Paddock slashing, pasture renovation & firebreaks

Will Power has been providing paddock slashing, firebreaks, paddock mulching and pasture renovation services for commercial clients and private landowners on the Mornington Peninsula since 1990.

Servicing all areas of the Mornington Peninsula including Bittern, Balnarring, Merricks, Point Leo, Shoreham, Red Hill and Hastings.

Will Power Services

Paddock slashing

Fire breaks, paddocks, blocks, roadsides slashed. Anywhere that needs tidying up or made fire safe.

» Slashing

Paddock spraying

Boom spraying to get rid of capeweed/broadleaf weeds that choke pasture.

» Spraying

Paddock mulching

Paddock mulching leaves the grass evenly spread over the paddock and can be grazed immediately following mulching.

» Mulching

Pasture renovation

Paddocks that are compacted or pastures that are not showing much growth need attention.

» Renovation

Large acreage mowing

Turn your paddocks in to lawn.

» Large acreage

Will Power is an approved contractor for slashing fire breaks in accordance with fire notices throughout the Mornington Peninsula. We're fully insured for working on public and private property.

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